Pixtel - A Powerful Screen Capture Software

Screen Capture Software: Making the mundane tasks a little easier

We’re always on the lookout for ways to make processes at work easier, functional and more effective. To accomplish these tasks, the tools we use need not be complicated or expensive. Take capturing screens for example. Tons and tons of information is available on the web and a screen capture does a pro-level job of grabbing the moment.

Screen capture is basically a snapshot of what is on your screen. Through a set of commands, you can capture either the entire window or a region on your screen that is saved in your computer’s temporary memory and can be pasted as needed. In the days of old, the only way to capture screens was to use the trusty old ‘print screen’ button to save the screenshot temporarily on the clipboard, resize and edit it to the way we want it to look and save it on the computer.

Those days are long gone. Thanks to the bright minds in the technology industry, we now have the option of using advanced screen capturing software to do the same task in half the steps involved. It is one of the best simple tools that is grossly underused. Such software can be used to improve the clarity of communication and enhance group collaboration in a variety of ways. The versatility of screen capture software means they can be used across all departments and disciplines.

Let’s say you needed to take screenshots of purchases for expense reporting at your place of work. Be it an invoice of a laptop purchase from Amazon or an airline ticket, these receipts and invoices are often more than a screen length long, so hitting the ‘print screen’ button the one time isn’t going to do the job. You have to take multiple screenshots one at a time and ‘stitch’ the images back together one at a time.

In some cases, one has to manually save it as PDF and then attach it along with the expense report or print a hard copy, scan it and then attach the image along with the expense report. But with screen capturing software like Pixtel, the scrolling capture feature lets you capture the entire contents of the window including the content that extends beyond the visible area in the window.

Now you can not only record expenses within seconds but storing and accessing the receipt images takes minimal effort thanks to the online cloud storage. Screen capture software helps you increase the usability of your screen captures. You could customize your personal and business expense reports with the annotation functions and share your expense reports easily as well as have access to your history for future use and reference.

A simple tool like Pixtel can make a big impact. You can streamline the way you operate and communicate more effectively. The better your communication is, the more productive you are going to be and the better your business becomes. Choosing the right screen capture software can make completing a variety of tasks easier and more concise. Download a free trial of Pixtel and experience it for yourself.