Screen capture, redefined.

Nearly every screen capture tool on the market stops at providing a couple screenshot capabilities with some basic annotation and screen editing features. It's often left up to you to figure out how to organize and manage captured screenshots, and how to leverage the external tools and applications necessary to share them.

Pixtel brings together screen capture, annotation, and sharing in a single, easy-to-use tabbed user interface. This helps our users to do most of their screen work in one place without having to switch between different tools and applications, improving their productivity.

The Pixtel difference

Virtual Canvas

The Virtual Canvas enables users to annotate anywhere by adding text and graphical elements on and outside images, without need to worry about expanding the canvas. Pixtel automatically expands the canvas when images are copied into external applications. Any annotations made can also be manipulated at any time without having to flatten them onto the captured screenshot.

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Multi-Tab Interface

The first of its kind, Pixtel's tabbed screen capture management interface lets users quickly switch through and review multiple images, just like they would in a browser. Pixtel's powerful image management technology also supports an unlimited number of tabs and images, all without having any impact on your machine's performance. Opened tabs can be viewed in a grid view for easier review and selection. And, like in any web browser, tabs can be duplicated, removed, and re-arranged for slideshows. Annotations can be copied and pasted across tabs, and any opened tabs are automatically saved and restored on restart.

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Multi-image Management

Manage all your captures in one place without needing to organize captured screens externally into separate files and folders. While existing tools let you manage one image at a time, Pixtel lets you capture multiple screenshots and share them on the cloud and by email seamlessly.

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Cloud & Office Integration

Providing deep integration with a wide variety of cloud and office tools with templating and two-step authentication support, Pixtel facilitates the easy sharing of images to multiple cloud platforms and applications such as Google Drive, One Drive, Word, PowerPoint, Jira, Facebook, etc. Pixtel's one-of-a-kind account management functionality lets users configure multiple accounts with any of these platforms, and easily switch between them when working in different contexts. A user could have distinct Google Drives between personal, business, and educational accounts added on Pixtel, but can easily switch to and use a business account while sharing work-related screen captures.

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Integrated Jira Client Support

Jira is one of the most popular issue tracking applications on the market. Product managers, project managers, software developers, and QA engineers alike often use Jira to track and manage high-priority issues. With Pixtel, captured screen content can be used to create a Jira issue or update an existing issue in just a couple clicks. This integration dramatically improves productivity especially for users who need to manage issues with image attachments. Our powerful autofill functionality also kicks in automatically with repeated use, significantly reducing the time to file an issue. Pixtel supports both basic and OAuth based authentication for Jira.

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Seamless Web Integration

A powerful web integration support helps you grab any clip-art or image resources you find on the web and drop them into the canvas to include them as embedded images. Additionally, any frequently used web resources can be configured and customized for easy access.

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Key Features


  • Comprehensive capture support
      Supports a variety of robust screen capture and recording options including region, region to a clipboard, region to text, timed region, continuous capture, window capture, full-screen capture, scrolling (region) capture, web capture, camera capture, screen/camera recording and audio recording.
  • Periodic snapshots of video
      Capture online webinars and videos with a specified periodicity for later review or use, eliminating the need for repetitive manual capture options.
  • Scrolling capture
      Capture large web pages by letting Pixtel scroll through your page and capture the entire page's content. Also, captured web pages can be set as visual bookmarks.
  • Capture with URL
      Capture web content by simply specifying a URL. Pixtel will automatically retrieve any relevant content and capture it into an image, ready for editing.
  • Camera capture
      Capture snapshots from a live camera feed.
  • Video/Audio capture
      Record high quality videos and audio with superior performance and best-in-class recording support.
  • Advanced OCR support
      Extract text directly from the screen without even needing to take a screenshot.
Comprehensive Capture Options
Image Annotations

Annotate and Edit Images

  • Outstanding annotation shape support
      Support for a variety of annotation shapes including arrows, text boxes, callouts, geometries, sticky notes, and standard polygons by default. Pixtel's rich annotation toolset helps you focus on quickly and effectively communicating messages using your screen.
  • Advanced image operations
      Get advanced image operations out-of-the-box, without needing to bounce screenshots around expensive image editing tools.
  • Out of the box font icons
      Choose from over 5000 vector graphic font icons covering a variety of industry-standard graphic and icon packs to create visually appealing wireframes and image annotations.
  • Drag and drop clip-art support
      Using pre-configured clip-art and image tools, drag and drop anything from the web anywhere onto the canvas to create custom screens or enhance captured images.
  • Smart pencil support
      Draw any shape with our pencil tool, and Pixtel will recognize the shape and replace it with the proper geometric shape. This is indispensable for users with touch screen devices.


  • Robust sharing support
      Facilitates the seamless sharing of images with outside applications. Simply select the images to share and click on the application button in the Share fly-out.
  • Support for multiple accounts
      Most tools on the market support a limited number of cloud or email accounts. If you configure them with one email account, you often can't use another one unless you re-configure the application again. With Pixtel, multi-account management is a breeze, allowing you to use a personal account to send screen captures to your friends and an office account to share screenshots with your colleagues in the workplace.
  • Applications supported
    • Cloud: Google Drive, Onedrive, Box, Dropbox, OneNote and Evernote
    • Export: MS Office Word, Powerpoint, and Excel
    • Applications: Jira, FTP and Mail
    • Social media: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Vimeo
  • Presentation Builder
      With Powerpoint template support, a set of captures/images can be exported into a ready to use presentation. With just a couple clicks, Pixtel will create a ready to use presentation with each slide containing one of the selected images, complete with slide titles.
  • Two-step authentication support
      The defacto standard for modern authentication processes, Pixtel supports 2-step auth with most cloud providers.
Sharing Cloud, Google, Jira, Box, DropBox, OneNote, Evernote, Mail, FTP
Pixtel Management, Dashboard, Browsing Images


  • Intuitive image management
      Organize and search a large number of images in a flash. Our comprehensive search functionality supports searching images by category, sub-category, and/or keywords.
  • Filter images
      In addition to search support, images can be browsed by category/sub-categories and in various sorted orders.
  • Visual bookmarking support
      Commonly used URL bookmarks store URLs in the web browser, making it difficult to find a relevant bookmark from a long list of URLs. Pixtel introduces Visual Bookmarking, allowing you to open the pages screenshots were captured from and letting you save and navigate the web visually, rather than by dechiphering an unreadable link in plain text.
  • Intuitive export/import support
      Captured images can simply be exported using the export fly-out, and multiple images can be packaged into a zip file and organized into category/sub-category folders for easy sharing. Using our file explorer, images on your local drive can also be imported in bulk.
  • Dashboard
      A visual dashboard shows the total number of screen captures, the storage usage, and the number of screenshots shared and imported. It helps you see your current usage statistics, and gain a quick overview of any image content on your filesystem.
  • Integrated slideshow
      Slideshow mode helps to display screenshots in a slide view for a quick presentation without requiring a complete PowerPoint presentation. Grid view allows users to re-arrange screenshots with drag and drop support in the required order for a slideshow. Pixtel is the only application on the market that can pull scrolling web page captures into a slide deck.