A Frontrunner in Screen Capture Space

Pixtel improves the overall user productivity making it an integral part of businesses across various professions.

Who uses Pixtel?

Pixtel is a versatile application that can be used by all computer users. However, it plays a vital role in improving the productivity of professionals especially Product/Project Managers, Software Architects/Developers, QA Engineers, Documentation Professionals, Marketing Professionals, Finance Experts, and Interior Designers. Other professions such as Fashion Designers, Building Architects, Tourism Planners, and Furniture Designers find Pixtel very useful in graphics and image asset management with excellent support for sharing.


Product/Project Managers

  • Prepare Effective Project Proposals
      Project proposals involve online researching, finding relevant sources, and taking screenshots and collating them. Sometimes, the proposal requires creating user interface wireframe diagrams to illustrate the concepts. All these can be done seamlessly in Pixtel without requiring to use multiple applications.
  • Develop Product Specifications
      Product specifications start with defining a product followed by detailing the requirements. Requirements involve showing the existing user interface screenshots followed by new requirements/enhancements. For example, the product manager may be outlining the improvements to the web application form by showing the current form with annotation(s) overlay of a new design. A quick slideshow helps to illustrate the proposed changes effectively and it is easy to make modifications right away.
  • Create Quick UI Wireframes
      No need for expensive wireframe design tools that are useful for handling sophisticated full-fledged wireframes with interaction designs. In most of the cases (80%), product managers require a quick wireframe drawing to illustrate the idea to the team. With Pixtel, variations of different wireframe designs can be drafted very quickly using vector icons and clipart.

Pixtel Product Managers
Pixtel Software Architects and Developers

Software Architects and Developers

  • Create Appealing Architecture Diagrams
      Either create a new architecture diagram or open an existing one, copy it over and make modifications. Similar to wireframes, defining a quick diagram without resorting to sophisticated tools is super easy. And best of all, all the created diagrams/designs can be managed in Pixtel without any external file management. How many times did you have to search all your folders for a previous version of architecture presentation? Pixtel makes it easier with strong management support.
  • Keep Track of Best Practices
      Technology is changing rapidly. As an architect, you need to keep track of various websites that provide best practices and reference implementations. Imagine, how easy it becomes when you do a scrolling capture of a relevant webpage and make a visual bookmark with proper categorization and tagging. Anytime, you can review the content of the page offline and can also open the page directly from the screenshot, all in one place.
  • Keep Code Snippets Handy
      How many times as a software developer, you have searched stack overflow for solving a programming issue? Often, the search is done for the same or similar issue, as you may have forgotten the context of the last search. With Pixtel, you can take a snapshot of the response that is relevant for you, visual bookmark the page, keep a sticky note with the code fix and organize it in Programming category with tags. Next time, when you are looking for a similar fix, you have it right in front you, saving you from distracting web searches.
  • Like Good UI Designs
      Most of the user interface developers love to collect great looking UI designs and color palette by bookmarking relevant web pages. Now with Pixtel, you can just do a capture of the UI and refer them locally when needed. Annotations help to include any relevant data such as color codes and default sizes on the canvas.

Quality Assurance Engineers

  • Just Imagine..
      You are so busy testing the software and identified a critical issue which shows exception on the web page for a set of form field values. To reproduce the issue, you need to execute a sequence of four steps in four different pages for reproducing a bug. You may need to take screenshots of each of those pages, highlight the entered field values that might have caused the error, log in to bug tracking application, create an issue with description and attach each of the screenshots with highlights. A significant amount of time is spent without realizing. Sounds familar..
      With Pixtel, take all the screenshots in one place, annotate them, connect to Jira, and create a new issue directly from integrated Jira interface. No need to open the browser, log in to Jira, go to relevant projects, fill-in all required fields and attach screenshots one at a time. Pixtel takes care of it for you. It improves issue reporting time on average five times helping you to focus on finding more issues.
  • Now Imagine...
      Now that you filed the issue, the developer looks at it and informs you that data is not enough. You need to add more screenshots with comments. Just select the issue and update it with a new screenshot, all in Pixtel interface. All screenshots can be organized into categories and sub-categories with tagging. Searching for the relevant screenshot for updating an issue is a breeze at any time.
  • Further More...
      You can record a video of the issue and directly attach to a Jira issue. Pixtel provides various recording options to optimize recording size for demonostrations.
Screenshots for Jira
Pixtel Marketing Managers

Marketing Managers

  • Product Marketing
      Competitive analysis is one of the key focus areas for product marketing that involves product positioning analysis, pricing, and product strength/weakness assessment. There is a lot of material on the web which needs to be referenced and collated for proper analysis. Pixtel helps to obtain scrolling capture of the web pages which can be annotated and presented in a slideshow with the full scrollable webpage. For example, it is very easy to collect and collate product pricing web pages for price comparison, without requiring any external tools.
  • Create Marketing Materials
      Pixtel not only helps to obtain screenshots but also helps to create screens composed of various graphical elements, embedded images, and annotations. Marketing professionals can create quick marketing posters and prepare them for printing using image posterization support. These screen compositions are very useful in email marketing. No need for expensive image editing tools.

Finance Professionals

  • Record All Online Transactions
      As in charge of business finance, you process a lot of expense payments, invoices, taxes, etc. For most of the transactions, regulations require you to keep statements or transaction records for audit purpose for several years. Pixtel helps to take screenshots of all transactions and organize them using categories and tags. These transaction records help in filing taxes and expenses, and are useful for audit.
  • Communicate Better
      Small businesses pay monthly expenses and taxes. They usually take screenshots of all the payments that need to be sent to an auditor for bookkeeping. Now, with Pixtel they can just export into excel and can show the calculations in the excel document along with the relevant comments to provide the context for each of the transactions. This eliminates the need to explain all the calculations in an email.
Pixtel Finance Professionals