Pixtel - A Powerful Screen Capture Software

Clear up the clutter of your email inbox. There’s a better way to share your screen captures

Over the last two decades, email has become the primary communication source for businesses, making it hard to remember how the workforce operated in the pre-email era. Spending about 6.3 hours a day sending and receiving an average of 123 emails has become our modus operandi. We check our emails even before stepping foot in the office and continue to during weekends and vacations too.

But as the years have gone by, email has unfortunately turned into a bit of a nightmare for the most of us. There’s just too much of it, and the wrong kind of it, from the wrong people. Our inboxes have become increasingly overloaded, including a high percentage of automated messages alerting users to their new followers, upcoming travel arrangements, or recent bank transactions (not to mention spam).

Take a closer look at using email to send images.

Our cameras now take fabulous high definition images. Our computers can create beautifully detailed graphics. What does this mean for your inbox? File-size problems, that’s what.

What if you have several pictures that you want to share with someone? It’s not a simple one-click process, especially if the pictures are in different folders on your computer. It’s rather inconvenient to have to send all of them at once (which might be too big), or you have to send one or two at a time, in several separate emails.

Not only is it inconvenient for you, but also for the recipient. After you’ve painstakingly attached all those pictures and sent your email, your recipient now has to go through the pain of downloading all those pictures. And then there’s always the risk of the email never going through due to the email providers attachment size limits.

So what’s the alternative?

Its 2018! Today’s leaders have access to the data, tools, and smart software necessary to proactively manage their people and perform essential business functions with less effort than ever before. HR software, for example, has evolved from basic payroll and attendance tracking to include comprehensive collaboration tools, social recruiting, data tracking, and predictive analytics.

For screen captures, software’s like Pixtel let you share your captured screens more efficiently from within the software itself all through a familiar browser like experience. No more do you have to inconvenience yourself and your recipient by emailing attachments after attachments. With its cloud storage support, you don’t have to sift through your cluttered inbox either.

It’s clear that companies wanting to remain competitive and attract the best talent must deliver technology that empowers real-time collaboration and makes life simpler for the end user. The more software we have to automatically assist us with necessary tasks, the better.