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Screenshots: We’ve been doing it wrong

Picture this.

You’re in a meeting and you need to take a screenshot of your computer screen. How would you do it?

Of course, the print screen button on your keyboard is the most obvious answer. But from pressing the button to getting the desired screenshot, what does that process look like?

First: find the Print Screen button. This isn’t always easy, because some keyboards leave it on the function key row, and some keyboards require you to hit a function key modifier to use it.

Once you’ve found it, press it. Now the image is in your clipboard if you don’t accidentally overwrite it before accomplishing the next step.

Open Microsoft Paint and paste. If you already have something open in Paint you’ll want to open a new file because otherwise, you’ll overwrite the last thing you saved. This might sound like a trivial qualifier, but you’d be surprised how often one ends up overwriting the clipboard.

Okay, now either save your new screenshot or use Paint to crop it and then save it.

Congratulations, you have a screenshot!

But is this process not tedious?

Does it not leave so much room for errors and mistakes that leave you with no choice but to start from scratch?

When you’re looking at the image you captured, there’s often a lot of unnecessary components that make your image look cluttered. If the information you’re trying to capture is larger than the size of the screen, you find yourself piecing it all together from multiple images one by one.

With a Print Screen button, your editing capabilities are limited. The software is just not capable of maintaining the quality of the image when you try to resize your image capture. A way around this would be for the user to install some third-party editing software to edit the screens. However, the underlying laborious process is still very much present.

Till now, most of us just chalk it up to “Just Windows Things”; a small cost to pay for the Windows-only privileges.

In the days of MS-DOS, screen printing referred to a quick way of transferring data off your screen to a printer and eventually onto a piece of paper. But today, although the ‘Print Screen’ key still holds a permanent place on our collective keyboards, highly-advanced screenshot software may make it obsolete.

One such software is Pixtel. A highly innovative screen capturing software – Pixtel is capable of many things that the ‘print screen’ key can’t. It not only lets you capture screenshots easily but also edit and manage the images captured in an efficient manner.

Here are 5 things that Pixtel can do but your archaic ‘print screen’ key cannot:

  • Scrolling Capture – you can keep scrolling and taking multiple images and Pixtel pieces it together for you, making it seamless and clean.
  • Image Editing – You are not able to add and highlight text or create a call-out that can bring special attention to key points on the image, engaging your audience. No longer do you have to worry about losing quality when you resize the image.
  • Presentation mode – Create well-defined presentations without having to first edit the images in Microsoft Paint for example, and then transferring it to PowerPoint. The Grid view allows users to re-arrange screenshots with drag and drop support in a required order for slideshow.
  • Multi-image Management – You can manage all screen captures in one place without requiring organizing screen captures externally into separate folders. With the ‘print screen’ button, you’re forced to manage one image at a time.
  • Integrated Communication system – With integrated cloud connectivity and the ability to share the screens online straight from the software itself, you no longer need any additional third party software to do it for you. It’s a far cry from having to email the images manually after using the ‘print screen’ button to capture and editing it on Microsoft paint.

So, unless you’re still using MS-DOS or still own and use a Commodore 64, the new screenshot software’s now available to empower you to not only better capture data but also edit and share it more efficiently. If you’re looking to open yourself to a whole new world of possibilities beyond the nostalgic but obsolete ‘print screen’ key, download Pixtel here.