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Pixtel – Just The Tool A Product Manager Needs!

A product manager is largely responsible for a product’s success or failure. This is probably the main reason behind organizations going out of their way to hire the best possible person to don the hat of a product manager. This is mainly also because the product manager is the one to decide the direction that a product must adopt so as to succeed in the market. The other departments such as product design and development expect cues and directives from the product manager in an organizational setup.

The major responsibilities associated with a product manager’s role are as follows:

  • Studying the competitor’s product so as to ensure that his own product is at par or better than the competitors in terms of features, user experience and pricing among many other factors. This information is further relayed to the product designers and developers who based on the information make changes to the product.

  • Conducting a market study so as to understand the needs of the audience. This information is critical when designing and developing the product as it is on the basis of this information that the product development acts on.

  • Product managers are also required to study the UI of their competitors’ websites/apps and take cues for their own product’s development.

  • Product managers are required to build Presentations when explaining the direction & strategy they build for a product. In the initial phase, that is, before the product development & design has begun, they are expected to build an outline for the product.

Product managers while executing their responsibilities come across many challenges. Some of the challenges they commonly face are as follows:

  • Inability to relay information in a concise and easy manner. It is difficult & hassle-filled to copy content or images or structures from websites and apps since most do not allow for this.

  • Most times, product managers just simply wish they could share an exact page or feature they see during their research with the designers and for this, they have to usually rely on complex tools such as Adobe Photoshop.

  • When building an outline for the product or when building presentations to put for their research and ideas, they face issues as using the only PowerPoint in seclusion limits their creativity. They could do much more if they could attach images or add annotations to them when imbibing them in their presentation.

Now all these challenges could easily be tackled if they had access to a tool that lets them do it all. A tool that is also easy to use. Pixtel is just the tool that has the potential to solve these challenges for them. In fact, it isn’t just a tool but a solution owing to its features which will let them do the following easily and at a fast pace.

  • When studying the competitor’s product, they could take screenshots of any page or feature they find worth sharing.

  • They could copy the content or images from any competitor’s website or product they review and easily share it with the team. Pixtel comes enabled with cloud and email integration so sharing screenshots or copied text or images is as convenient as it could be.

  • With Pixtel Product Managers can do quick mockups on the current product UI where extensions are needed. For example, they can take a screenshot of the current webpage and add annotations to present how to add a field or change a field or dashboard as needed.

  • Pixtel comes with more than 5000 clip arts/images that are readily available for a user. Product Managers will be able to prepare a quick slide with a new image and drag and drop clip art or images from the web to explain the concept.

  • Since building presentations are a part of their day to day activities and serve as critical collateral to them, Pixtel comes enabled with features that let them building presentations with slide-shows. Without having to use PowerPoint as all the slides/captures are in tabs for them to use. The best part about using Pixtel is the fact that it allows Product Managers to take various types of screenshots. From capturing a particular region on the screen to capturing a window to do a scrolling capture, Pixtel does not leave a Product Manager unsatisfied.

Pixtel is no less than a much-needed assistant to Product Managers. For those who wish to test Pixtel and see if it can truly help them overcome their challenges, here’s the link to a free version, Pixtel Download