Pixtel - A Powerful Screen Capture Software

The Power of Screen Capture with Pixtel

Over the past few decades, the usage of screen capturing tools as a practice has been adopted across professions from various sectors such as education, technology, e-commerce, etc. A screen capturing tool is helpful in various ways to an organization. It is no less than a boon for marketers, product managers, quality analysts and developers helping them become more efficient at work while saving them loads of time at work. For instance, the following are a few ways in which screen capturing tools benefit professionals from various departments in an organization.

  • Marketing Managers
  • Conducting market research is the most critical aspect of a marketer’s job. A screen capturing tool helps by letting a marketer share his research with his teammates through screenshots. Most screen capturing products also allow them to annotate the images and very few allow them to share them ahead with others in the team and open it in the same product. Some screen capturing tools are equipped with features that nullify the need to opt for tools such as Adobe Photoshop.

  • Quality Analysts
  • The primary responsibility of a Quality Analyst in an organization involves ensuring steady vigil on the product or service they are assigned to and ensure that the set standards and guidelines are met. A screen capturing tool is highly beneficial by the way of letting a QA share the bugs or fixes with the other team members via screen capture & comments marked as annotations on the screen.

  • Product Developers
  • A screen capturing tool enables a product developer to take scrolling captures for various areas to be referenced as a part of the role. Instead of bookmarking pages, which can be difficult to search and recollect, a complete screenshot enables accessibility to offline content. Such tools let developers take UI screenshots and share them with product managers, documentation and QA team for feedback. It allows them to share the product screenshots to the documentation team.

  • Product Managers
  • A screen captureing tool allows product managers to take screenshots of competitors’ products to present in their product development & enhancement related meetings. It also allows them to create quick mockups for the UI team.

  • Finance Team
  • A screen capture tool allows the finance team to take screenshots of payment transcripts such as invoices of the payments made to vendors and export them to spreadsheets with additional information for auditors.

So what screen capture tool are you using in your organization for Screen Capture? If none, then start using one right away!

Pixtel is one unique screen capturing tool that comes with features not seen in any other tool. It isn’t just the premium features such as multi-tab interfacing or JIRA integration or multi-image management which make it unique but also the super-fast speed at which it lets users use it.

Pixtel is equipped with various screen capture options that present the professionals using it with varied options. The following are the many options one has when looking to capture or record a screen:

  • Region Capture – It allows the user to select a specific region on the screen and capture it
  • Last Region Capture – If one wishes to capture the region captured previously then one could use this feature.
  • Full-screen capture – If one wants to capture the full screen then this is the feature for it.
  • Active window capture – This feature allows the user to take a screenshot of an active window on the screen.
  • Timed capture – This feature allows the user to time the capture. This is similar to the region capture feature but with a twist. It gives the user a heads-tart of 10 seconds to decide which screen to capture & which part of it.
  • Continuous Capture – This feature is extremely useful if you are planning to have a string of steps to be captured or any activity at a stretch.
  • Web Capture – This feature allows the user to capture a particular webpage.
  • Scrolling (Region) Capture – If the user wishes to have the screenshot taken of a webpage or a document that needs scrolling down then this feature is the best option.
  • Screen Video Recording – Record high-quality screen and camera video recording and share it on YouTube and Vimeo.
  • Audio Recording – Record high-quality audio with visual bookmark support.
  • Camera Capture – A system needs a webcam to be able to access this feature. With this feature, one can grab pictures where the webcam is directed at.

These multiple screen capture types from Pixtel address the various scenarios across multiple departments in an organization. Try out these Screen Capture features by downloading a trial version of Pixtel. Click here to Download.