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The Power of OCR using Pixtel – Capture text from graphics.

Fields such as marketing and product management require its professionals to do extensive and in-depth analysis. Without doing this, they seldom proceed with their work. There’s sound reasoning too to this process. For instance, a marketer cannot build an effective marketing campaign unless she has studied the activities of the competitors. Similarly, a product manager cannot build a product that stands out when placed beside its competitor’s product unless he has done a thorough study of the latter.

Marketers and Product Managers have been doing this since the advent of these professions but in today’s times when the time has become an essential resource, spending hours on activities like studying a competitor’s website or a product’s whitepaper is not feasible. In today’s times, all professions are looking for tools that will minimize their involvement in mundane activities and do the job for them while saving time too.

Pixtel is one such product that can help these professions do their jobs in an easy fashion. It can truly make their lives easier for them.

Let us take the example of one challenge that these professions face when doing competitor research. When a marketer is studying a competitor’s website, apart from the structure and the UI of the website he is also needed to study the content on the website. While studying the content, it becomes difficult for him to copy the content as it is time-consuming and frankly, even slightly boring of a task to undertake. Not to forget, if the website has a lock that prevents its viewers from copying the content then it is no less than a headache for a marketer to figure out a workaround.

In this scenario, Pixtel is the most viable solution because of its unique feature called ‘Regional Text Capture’. This feature uses the OCR technology that helps the users to copy text from a graphic and use it and import it to any other tool. This feature will let the users copy the content from the website and then paste it to any destination they wish to. Users can copy the text from a selected region using the feature.

The same feature is extremely helpful when viewing PDF files. It is difficult to copy the content off of a PDF file unless it is converted to a Word doc. One doesn’t have to convert it to Word doc now and then copy the content after going through so much trouble if one uses Pixtel. It will also save the costs associated with a PDF to Word converter tool.

So what are you waiting for? Please click on the following download link to try.