Why Pixtel?

Pixtel is a front runner in the screen capture space that uniquely combines the capture, sharing, and management of image and video content on your screen into a single breakthrough product. Pixtel's multi-functionality makes bouncing image files between multiple applications a thing of the past, letting you focus on communicating the bits that matter most on your screen with unparalleled clarity. From exporting images into Office applications to posting screenshots on Jira with just a couple clicks, we're willing to bet Pixtel is the last screenshot tool you'll ever need.


Outstanding support for capturing and recording screens. Capturing scrolling webpages, extracting text, and recording webinars or audio becomes a breeze.

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Share any captured screens and recordings instantly with cloud and desktop applications including Google Drive, One Drive, Dropbox, Box, OneNote, EverNote, MS Office, Mail, FTP, Jira, Facebook, etc.

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Manage all your screen captures and recordings in one place, seamlessly. Categorize, tag, bookmark, and manage captured screens with high efficiency.

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The Pixtel difference

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Virtual canvas
Multi-tab interface
Multi-image management
Superior cloud & Office tools integration
Integrated Jira support
Seamless web integration
Pixtel Innovation

Why we built Pixtel

We've been in software development for the past three decades building world-class products, creating new technology markets, and excelling at delivering large-scale products. Along the way, we encountered a need for some of the wide variety of open source and commercial screen capture tools available on the market. Nearly every screen capture tool we found stopped at simply providing single screenshot capture with some basic annotation features, and all too often, we found ourselves lost in having to organize and manage hundreds of captured screenshots and image content, using external tools and applications to share them.

Having experienced the need firsthand, we decided to build a more powerful internal tool for improving the productivity of our engineers and managers who had been, without knowing it, spending a significant amount of their time on capturing, annotating, and sharing relevant screen content with other teams.

As we continued to develop our screen management toolset, we found a wide variety of professional use-cases not accounted for by traditional screen capture software, and saw a growing need to bring our software to market, establishing Pixtel.